Raster Vs Vector – What is vector artwork and why our artwork service is better


The article explains the difference between raster and vector artwork. It also explains why our artwork service is better for your digital process.
What is Vector artwork?
Vector is a type of digital artwork defined by its geometric shapes and mathematical precision. Vector graphics are made up of mathematically defined lines and curves, and the images can be scaled to any size without loosing quality as they are primarily lines and closed shapes made up of lines.

Vector artwork

Vector artwork primarily consists of lines

Vector artwork pros
Vector is an advanced type of artwork that contains information about the shapes, their color and location. Compared to raster artwork, vectors are much more precise and more detailed. They also allow for scaling the artwork without loss in quality. Vector art is great for any design, but it is handy for logos, illustrations, typography and anything else where you need sharp graphics with little to no blurriness.
Do you really need vector artwork all the time?
Extremely complex images, such as photographs or designs with many gradients, are not suitable for vector artwork, the reason being that in these types of images, the colour information is crucial, and it may vary in tiny pixels. Most printers do not really need a “vector” artwork. They just need a sharp image that can be processed by a printer = For-example a print and cut machine does not even need to separate colour, so it does not make a difference whether it is a vector or not – all you need is a sharp image with a cutline.
Why our vector service is better than competitors
There are numerous graphic design services on the web, but most use automatic programs, which are never perfect. All our vector artwork is hand-drawn. They are crisp, clean and scale-able without pixelation on any display. With a vector service, you will get a professional-looking logo that will have no fuzzy edges. Vector graphics are great for logos, branding and illustrations.
Vector artwork is a type of digital art where the image can be scaled to any size without losing quality. Raster images, on the other hand, will suffer from pixelation and distortion when scaling. Unless you have it at a really good resolution, in which case you don’t need vector artwork, just a cleaned up raster image.

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